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What to expect when your doe's expecting  
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No one here at Ivy Brook Farm is a veterinarian and if
you need the advice or help of a veterinarian PLEASE
call one!! Ivy Brook Farm and it's residents are not
responsable for what you do or do not do with or to
your animals! these pages are for informational
purposes only!
If your doe is expecting twins and she has had the first and she is now straining hard for a long time and no kid. she is in
trouble you will want to either call your veterinarian or go after the second kid your self. If you decide to go after the kid
your self you will have to do as described on page 2 which is : scrub up to your elbows cleans with the antibacterial alcohol
gel and put on your gloves and lube your hand with the lubricating jelly and ease your way in through the vagina feel with
your fingers for the kid feel for hooves and nose position them so that the hooves and nose come first (if back feet are first
that is ok) make sure the head doesn't slip backwards. now pull
OUT AND DOWN! once the kid is out watch your doe to
make sure she passes the after birth. She will also need to have a shot of penicillin or a uterin bollus if you had to go in and
pull the kids.She(your doe) will need those right away after the kids are pulled out.  a good video of this is:
Goat Breeding &
Kid Rearing with Hilary Matthews.
you can order this video from jeffers or from Hoeger goat supply. if the placenta hasn't
been expelled with in 4 hours call your veterinarian right away!
At this time your kids will need to be dryed off and their umbillicus and hooves dipped in a cup of Controlled Iodine. With in
moments your kids will try to stand and will want to nurse. Some goat breeders if their goats are CAE Negative will allow
their kids to nurse. Others even if their goats are CAE negative will not.  If you decide not to allow your kids to nurse their
dam you need to seperate the kids from their dam and bottle feed them their dams colostrum that has been heat treated! If
your goats are CAE Positive you will need to seperate the kids right away from the dam as soon as they are born and wash
them in warm water! and bottle feed them heat treated colostrum or colostrum from a package. The kids need the colostrum
to be able to pass their first bowel movement and to get the antibodies it needs.(CAE is passed through milk and bodily
fluids)Kids are born CAE Negative and will only get it from the colostrum/milk and bodily fluids like blood.
You now will want to give your goat her treat. raisins are good and a bucket of warm water with some molasses in it is good
too. go ahead and feed your doe some grain about half of what she has been getting and give her some fresh hay to eat.
Clean up all soiled bedding and either throw it away or burn it.
Make sure you feed your kids every four hours if you are bottle feeding them and you can switch to goats milk or raw cows
milk with in 24-48 hours. The bottle feeding scedual is as fallows:

Day one- 6 oz. (per feeding) colostrum, every 4 hours.
Day two- 8 oz. (per feeding) colostrum/whole milk, 4 times a day
Day three- 10 -12oz. (per feeding) colostrum/whole milk, 4 times a day
Day four- 10-12 oz. (per feeding) colostrum/whole milk, 4 times a day.
For the next week- 12-16 oz. (per feeding) 4 times a day.
For the next 2 months- 16 oz. (per feeding) 3 times a day.
For the next 1 month- 16 oz. (per feeding) 2 times a day.
16 oz. (per feeding) once a day for two weeks.

If the kid gets the non contagious kind diahrea you can make the milk with half pedialite  or if that doesn't work go to full
strength pedialite with no milk added for 24 hours and then slowly add the milk back to the bottle within the next day or two.