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What To Expect When Your Doe's Expecting
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Her udder will start to fill up too. Now You want to watch her closely. 99% of does do fine in berthing by themselves, but
sometimes there are problems. The best way that I have found to keep your kidding supplies handy is to have them ready in a plastic
storage container and sitting by the door or in a clean spot up on a shelf in your barn away from other animals reach. That way they
are where you can get to them fast as you are going out the door to your doe when she is in labor. Once your Doe starts Labor she
will have a yellowish to tanish mucus secreation coming from her Vulva/vagina and it gets messier! So make sure you are wearing
clothes that are ok to get gross. She will be restless and laying down then getting up then pawing at the bedding then pacing and
pawing. Some does even rub their face along the wall then paw some more. then lay down and then the pushing will start
. (By the way you will want to make sure that your does kidding area is CLEAN!! I do layering : bottom of floor covered in wood
shavings then 3-5 inches of clean dry hay on top of that. and then I clean it everyday to keep it clean and free of droppings and urin
and I replace all soiled bedding with clean fresh hay. Make sure you keep the water bucket out side of the kidding pen where your
doe can reach it to drink or a small bucket that can be hung high enough to where she can drink from it but she can't accidentally
drop a kid in it if you are away when she kids.) Once she starts to push you will want to get your kidding supplies fast! and a camera
if you want to take pictures too. when she starts to push her stomach will be hard and well there is no mistaking her pushing. it will
look something like this:
pic of doe pushing Some does lay down the whole time and some get up and push out the kid either way
is normal and getting up and down is normal too. A whitish to yellowish sack will come:
pic of sack it will then break and she will
continue to push. She will also eat the
mucus/slime that has come out. that is should start to see two hoofs now: pic of
hoofs emerging
. Now she is pushing hard and some does cry out and some are silent. it should take a few minutes to get the kid
pushed out. If your does kids head had emerged whith no watery sac on it's head and it slipped it's head back in and only one small
hoof is still bearly visable you will want to clean your hands get those gloves on and grab those hooves use one finger to feel for that
nose/mouth if you feel the mouth with your finger grab both hooves with fingers wrapped arround them and when she pushes
down (
don't pull unless you can feel that mouth and don't pull straight out you MUST pull down!)the  best way I have
found is if she is standing up you need to sit on your rump to pull, that way you will pull down not straight.but only pull when she is
pushing! ( you see I had this happen with the doe in the pictures.) then it should come out easy. if you want you can either pull it out
all the way while she is pushing or you can pull the kid just to the shoulders and let mom do the rest. but most of the time it is just
easier to pull the kid all the way out.At this point you want to clean the kid with the towels and suction it's mouth and nose out with
the nose and mouth sucker. then dip the umbillicus and hooves in the Controlled Iodine that you have put in the round container.
Now if the doe is expecting twins the next one should come out soon
. see pic of second kid comming. If the doe is straining for a
long period of time to get the next kid out you need to...