What To Expect When Your Doe Is Expecting
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mucus/slime being excreated.
water sac broke with black legs/hooves
sticking out.
water broken,one hoof out the other and
the head slipped back in and got cought
up on inside lip of vulva.She had been
pushing for about 8 minutes like this. So I
had to reach in at this time and feel for
nose/mouth and it was there and I pulled
the kid out.
Both bucklings born and all is fine.One
placenta and sack expelled. then second
placenta and sack were expelled
moments later. Tootsi was a trooper and
an expirienced mother!
water sac
hooves sticking out. water sac is broke.
Second kid comming out. the dark red sac
is the first kids sac that hadn't had time to
be expelled before the second came. I
pushed it back inside after i noticed it was
blocking the second kids head from
comming out and getting stuck on her
vulva lip. the kid then came out easily.
these two kids were BIG! the first was a
huge 10 1/2 pounds!!! the second was 8
1/2 pounds!!! that is very big for twins!!!
though bucklings are most always big but
most of the time not 10 1/2 pounds!!
helping baby nurse. This was fine
because my doe is CAE NEGATIVE.This
was last years birth of Hershey and Nestly
out of Tootsi 4-25-05
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