What to expect when your doe's expecting
Picture PAGE
Here are the example pictures for goat pregnancy.
A firmly attached udder
Picture of belly of twins
KIDDING SUPPLIES: Towels 6 or more,
controlled Iodine, bottle to dip umbillicus,
nose and mouth sucker, lubricating jelly,
scale, gloves, antibacterial alcohol gel for
hands, raisins, molasses ,#of
Veterinarian, floss to tie umbillicus,
scissors, thermometer, papper and pencil
to record: what goat, date,time of 1st kid
born,doe or buckling,how many LBS.at
birth and any problems with birth.
Dropped belly,sunken in sides,swollen vulva,raised tail bone, udder almost full. 2 days before birth
Picture of dropped belly,swollen
vulva,raised tail bone, sunken in
sides,udder almost full.(this goat is
carrying BIG buck twins!)pic taken 2 days
before birth.
"Poochie udder" at three months gestation
goat carrying 1 kid
Picture of goat carrying one kid
Swollen Vulva and udder filling up at 1 week before labor
Swollen vulva and udder filling up at 5
months this picture was taken 1 week till
she was due her tail bone had risen and
her belly had dropped though her tendons
were not gone yet.she was also
secreating white mucus but that can't be
seen in this picture.
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Kidding supplies & what they are for:

Towels: To dry off kids
Controlled Iodine and small round bottle: To dip kids
umbillicus and hooves in after born to help them dry up and to prevent
Nose and mouth sucker: for sucking out mucus out of kids mouth
and nose after born.
Lubricating jelly: incase you end up going in after kids to pull them
out,you will need to lube up your hands and wrist.
Scale: To weigh kids on after they are born. (you will have to put a
long dish on the kind of scale that is pictured to be able to weigh kids
Gloves & Intibacterial alcohol gel: use antibacterial alcohol gel
on hands and arms. then put on gloves. in the case you have to go in to
pull kids out.
Raisins and Molasses: Raisins to give to your doe after she is done
kidding it is a treat plus it helps keep her energy up. the molasses is to
put in a bucket of warm water. to keep her energy up for the doe loses
heat when delivering.
Number of veterinarian: in case you are scared and don't know
what to do or are uncertain of what is going on.some times it's better to
have them there if you have never done this before so they can glide
you through it incase things go wrong.
Floss: To tie umbillicus if it tairs and it's bleeding.
Scissors & thermometer: to cut floss and etc... the thermometer is
to take the kids temp if needed.
Paper & pencil: to write down the does name the date she is
kidding what kid it iswhat time it was born, how much it weighs and if it
is a doeling or a buckling and any problems your doe might have had
while in labor.
Shyanne is pushing
Shyanne standing up and